Pushpinder Bhatia
Alumni Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK

Study in USA: Top Universities in the US for Biotechnology

Studying in the US
is excellent for so many good reasons. First, the nation is home to some of the most prominent and well-respected universities in the world, with a long history of academic success. Students in the US have a wide variety of programmes to choose from in a variety of subjects and disciplines, from business and technology to the arts and humanities.
Coming to biotechnology, it’s a flexible solution to a variety of human demands and has evolved. Its uses include lowering CO2 emissions, enhancing medical diagnostics with genetically modified tobacco plants, developing sustainable agricultural practices, and using bioremediation to pre-treat industrial and food waste. With so many potential applications, biotechnology research and study are quickly developing and becoming one of the most significant fields in technology.
The potential of marine bio-resources has also been unlocked thanks to biotechnology, as well as the printing of human organs in space. With these numerous uses, biotechnology has made science fiction a reality and promises to support human life on Earth, in the oceans, and in space.


What’s so special about studying Biotechnology in the US? 

Studying biotechnology in the US provides access to top-notch research resources and facilities, including cutting-edge equipment and modern laboratories. Students are given the chance to do research and obtain real-world experience in a variety of fields, including biomanufacturing, agribusiness, and environmental sustainability.
Another factor that matters is The Research opportunities. The US is home to nine of the top ten biotechnology research institutions in the world. In the past, the US has historically invested the most in basic biological sciences research, both in terms of total dollars and as a percentage of its overall research budget.


Here is the list of top universities in the US for Biotechnology:

  1. San Jose State University
  2. University of Maryland Baltimore County
  3. The University of Alabama at Birmingham
  4. Arizona State University
  5. George Mason University
  6. Kent state University
  7. California State University
  8. De Paul University
  9. University of New Haven
  10. University of Chicago
  11. Cornell University
  12. Harvard University
  13. Princeton University
  14. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  15. University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
  16. Stanford University
  17. Columbia University 
  18. University of Pennsylvania
  19. University of California – Davis
  20. University of Wisconsin – Madison

The best country for you to pursue a similar programme in is dependent on a variety of personal criteria as there are numerous nations with biotechnology programmes around the world. The calibre of the curriculum, the scope of the research prospects, the job market, and the total cost of attendance (tuition and living expenses) are a few things to think about while selecting a nation to study biotechnology. Nevertheless, the United States bags the first position for us. 
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