A Complete guide to New Zealand Student Visa for Study in New Zealand - Scholarships 2023-24

New Zealand is an island nation in the South Pacific situated 900 miles east of Australia, made up of two main island and a number of small islands. New Zealand enjoys a pleasant mild climate and a great natural beauty, especially in the mountainous areas.

New Zealand’s one third of the population lives in Auckland. Auckland is a city of more than 1.3 million people. The capital, Wellington city,is home to 364,128 people. Christ Church is the second largest city here, which is often reffered to as the gateway to the South Island. Over 4.4 million people live in New Zealand with over 99,000 international students currently living and studying in New Zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of The Most Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers About new-zealand Study Visa, Study Permit, Application Process etc.

  • What is a Student Visa for a New Zealand country?
    If you want to study a full-time course in New Zealand that’s longer than 3 months in total duration, you’ll need a Student Visa,And It’s called Fee Paying Student Visa. Your student visa is normally issued for the same length of time as the study you’ve paid for.

    Study full-time at the course stated on your visa – this includes schools, tertiary (study after secondary school), and English language study. Student visa conditions require you to attend the place of study endorsed on your visa.

  • What is a Designated Learning Institution? Not relevant for NZ. Only required in Canada.
    There are three main categories of schools in New Zealand: state (public) schools, state-integrated schools (mostly faith-based), and private (independent) schools. They have universities & polytechnic institutes.

  • Who Needs a Study Permit for the New Zealand country?
    International Students who are planning to study in New Zealand for more than three months need a study Permit for New Zealand.

  • What is the application process for a New Zealand country study visa? (Mentioned in Steps)
    Step 1- Institutions will issue unconditional Admission letter
    Step 2 – Create & fill up an Online Application 
    Step 3 -- Upload all necessary documents & pay application and vfs fees
    Step 4 --Immigration New Zealand may call for an interview
    Step 5 – Decision will send to email, Approval in Principle / Declined
    Step 6 -- Pay One year fee
    Stem 7 – Send receipt & INZ will send the passport to Students

  • what is the requirement for New Zealand Student Visa?
    For application, you must need a passport that is valid for at least 12 months, Academic Certificate + mark sheet,  IELTS / PTE,  Police Clearance Certificate, Medical report,  Birth certificate,  Employment docs if Study gap,  Financial docs, and regular income proof, Application fee Proof

  • What are the Minimum Financial Requirements for a New Zealand country study Visa?
    Below are the mandatory requirements:
    1. One year Tuition fee
    2. One year of living cost one year NZ $ 20000
    3. Payment Plan for next year’s 

  • How Can I Apply for a Study Permit for New Zealand country?
    1st step is to apply to an institution that is NZQF approved.
    • To be accepted for a course at an education institute approved by the Ministry of Education or the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)then you will get an unconditional admission letter from the institution.
    • money for your tuition fees or proof that you have a scholarship that pays your fees
    • proof you have enough money to live on while you’re in NZ, and
    • a ticket out of NZ or evidence that you enough money to buy one.

  • How to apply for a Study Permit from Outside of New Zealand country?
    As everyone is allowed to apply online for a fee-paying student visa you can apply from anywhere. If you are outside New Zealand, you can study online without a visa or if you want to study in New Zealand, you can apply for a student visa to continue your study.
  • How to apply for a Study Permit extension within New Zealand country?
    Yes! Student can apply student visa extension online directly or with the help of an agency in home country or current on shore country
  • What is the cost of the New Zealand country Student Visa?
    US $ 230+ USD $ 42 = US $ 272.  New Zealand Visa Cost: Students who are submitting their Student Visa Application online are required to pay a Visa fee of NZD 330 + INR 747 (approximately) as the receiving center fees
  • How long is the New Zealand country Student Visa valid?
    The visa is valid for the duration of your course if it is up to 12 months long, or for approximately 12 months for courses that are longer than a year (you will be required to renew your visa through the International Student Office of your university after this time if your course lasts longer than a year).

  • How long can international students stay in New Zealand after graduation?
    Once you have finished your study, you may be eligible to stay on and work in New Zealand. If you have achieved a New Zealand qualification, you may be able to apply for a post-study work visa that lets you stay in New Zealand for up to three years.

  • Does the New Zealand country Student Visa Allow you to Visit Your Home Country?
    Yes you are authorized to travel globally outside while studying in New Zealand 
  • Can I Change Schools within a New Zealand country Student Visa?
    If you currently hold a student visa and wish to change your education provider, you will need to apply for a new student visa. If you want to change your programme of study and/or education provider get a variation of conditions first. The new course must be at the same, or higher level, and provided by a University or category 1 or 2 education provider.
    Don’t end your course before Immigration authorize it or you will break the conditions of your visa and you may have to leave New Zealand. Applying for a variation of conditions to your visa will not change its expiry date.

  • Can my Family Members Accompany me to New Zealand country?
    Yes, an International Student for master degree is allowed dependents who can accompany them to New Zealand at any time. Spouse and unmarried minor children are considered dependents. Children over 18 years are not permitted to accompany

  • Can I work while on a Student Visa?
    Work part-time up to 20 hours a week while studying or full-time in the holidays, depending on your visa conditions.
  • Can I Work After I Complete my Studies?
    Yes, You can work full-time after completing your degree, and it’s called PSW (post-study work)
  • Can I get a scholarship to New Zealand country Universities?
    Yes, they provide scholarships. You can get up to full scholarship and universities are very much open for these subcontinent students
  • Can I apply for a New Zealand country Student Visa without IELTS?
    Yes It is possible if the background from O level & A level / IB Diploma
  • Can I Bring my Family to New Zealand country while studying?
    Yes, they are eligible to apply for a dependent visa. As a Masters Studies International student, you must bring them to New Zealand at any time. And Dependent over 18 years can work full-time here.
  • Can I reapply if my visa is rejected?
    Yes, if there is no fraudulent you can re-apply and there is no timeframe but of course, must change your circumstances before re-apply.
  • Is PTE or any other English test acceptable in New Zealand country
    Yes New Zealand Universities accept PTE