A Complete Guide to Singapore Student Visa for Study in Singapore - Scholarships 2023-24

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city and a premier destination for lifelong learning complemented with world-class educational institutions. You will embark on a pedagogical journey that combines the best of global knowledge with the wisdom of Asian insights.

Here, you can immerse yourself in the widest range of educational offerings, and embrace a learning environment that is both inspiring and conducive. It is truly a place where you can enrich your mind and life.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of The Most Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers About singapore Study Visa, Study Permit, Application Process etc.

  • Why to study in Singapore?
    Singapore the Lion city is not only world’s best tourist spot but home for international student
    due to world class Higher education as well as sophisticated lifestyle. It is Asia's developed
    island country which consists world's best and biggest economies, ports and financial hubs.
  • What is a Singapore Student Visa Subclass?
    Universities in Singapore are referred to as Institutes of Higher Learning, and a student visa is known as a student pass there (IHL). You must apply for this student permit if you are an overseas student in Singapore planning to enroll in any academic program lasting longer than 30 days.
  • What are the types of Singapore visa?
    Depending on the purpose of the trip, different sorts of visas are needed for foreigners who want to visit Singapore. Four main type of category are Tourist, Immigration, Student, or Work.

    There are a few types of different business visas available to foreigners who wish to stay in Singapore.

    Visa for Foreign Entrepreneur/Relocated Management Staff:
    • Employment Pass.
    • Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)
    • Entrepreneur Pass (Entre Pass)
    For Relocated Staff’s Family Members:
    • Dependent Pass
    • Long Term Visit Pass
    • S Pass
    Becoming Singapore Permanent Residence/Citizens:
    • Singapore Permanent Resident
    • GIP (Global Investor Program)
  • Do I need a student visa to study in the Singapore?
    Yes, you'll need to obtain a student visa, commonly referred to as the student pass. You can start the application procedure up to two months before your anticipated arrival in Singapore, but you must submit your application at least one month before that date.
  • How Can I Apply for a Study Permit for Singapore? OR How to apply for a Singapore student visa?
    A Student's Pass is necessary if you want to further your education in Singapore. All Student's Pass applications are to be submitted through https://www.ica.gov.sg/reside/STP/apply. For more details, please visit the website of the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority at http://www.ica.gov.sg.\
  • Application Requirements
    The Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will handle your applications directly if you are 19 years of age or younger and want to enroll in a full-time program at a recognized Private Education Organization (PEO).

    The Embassy may request an interview if you are above 19 years old at the time of application and desire to enroll in a non-graduate or postgraduate degree program in a language, business, vocational, or fine art (including tuition programs at the University of London [UOL]).
  • What are the study visa applications process for Singapore? (Mentioned in Steps)
    A Singapore student visa application process as follows :

    A month to two before the start of your course, you must submit your application for a student pass. Following are the procedures you must do in order to apply for a Singapore student visa:

    • I. On your behalf, the IHL submits a request to the SOLAR website.

      Take a copy of the admission letter from the IHL you have selected in Singapore, and make sure it has been registered with SOLAR. Your information, including your name, country, date of birth, gender, course information, etc., is normally given to SOLAR by the IHL. Additionally, the IHL will provide you with an application reference number that you can use to log onto SOLAR and begin the visa application procedure.

    • II. Submit Form 16 and Form V36

      To submit e-Form 16, you must next sign in to the SOLAR website. Before logging in, make sure you have the following information:

      • The IHL has sent you a registration confirmation letter and your login information.
      • Your passport number and expiration date
      • In Singapore, your address and phone number. If you don't have this information, you may offer the address where your IHL is registered.
      • Your email address
      • A recent passport-size photograph
    • III. Pay the application fee

      Review the form and proceed to pay the application processing fee of SGD 30.

  • What are the requirements for Student Visa in Singapore?
    Documents required for Singapore student visa

    To meet with Singapore study visa requirements, you must submit the following documents:
    • I. Your current and legible passport, valid for a minimum of three months
    • II. All completed student visa application forms -- Form 16 (the main application for student pass) and Form V36 (for additional information on the applicant)
    • III. The original receipt showing that you have paid the visa application fee
    • IV. The invitation letter issued by the IHL in Singapore
    • V. Your bank statements showing that you can fund your education in Singapore (both tuition fees and living expenses while studying)
    • VI. Bank loan sanction letter (if applying for a student loan), along with proof of investments, if requested by the ICA
    • VII. Transcripts of your degrees, diplomas or any certificates received from schools attended in India
    • VIII. Test scores required by your college, which could be GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, PTE etc.
    • IX. Document showcasing how you intend to bear all the costs associated with living in Singapore.
  • How much bank balance is required for Singapore? Or What are the Minimum Financial Requirements for a Study Visa in Singapore?
    Candidates need to submit both the processing fee and the issuance fee, which are as follows, in order to be granted a Singapore student visa:
    • Processing Fee: S$30 (about 1629 INR). (Non-refundable and must be included with the ICA application.
    • Issuance Fee: S$60 (about 3258 INR). (need to be paid by the applicant once they have finished the formalities at the ICA for the granting of a visa)
    The sum is S$5,000 in the form of a cashier's order or a banker's guarantee from any recognized Singaporean bank. Each application that is submitted to ICA must include a $30 processing fee.
  • What is the cost of the Singapore Student Visa?
    The overall cost of a Singapore Student Visa or Student Pass is S$ 90. This includes the S$ 30 required for processing your visa application and the S$ 60 needed for the issue of your student permit.
  • How long is the Singapore country Student Visa valid?
    Country	          Singapore Student Visa
    Duration	  2 years
    Work Permit	  Up to 16 hours in a week
    Age Limit	  Above the age of 19
    Processing time	  15 Days to 4 Weeks
  • Can I Change my education provider in Singapore?
    To move to another education provider, you need to complete at least six months of study at your current institution. You will require a "Letter of Release" from your current institution if you wish to switch before the conclusion of this six-month period.
  • Can you work while on a student visa in Singapore?
    Full-time diploma students are allowed to work part-time for up to 16 hours per week during school term, and working full-time during vacation period. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) established an exception that does not require work permit applications.
  • Can I Work After the Completion of my Studies in Singapore? OR Can I work after study in Singapore?
    After graduating, international students who wish to work in Singapore must apply for a work visa. After their student pass has been revoked or has expired, graduates are typically given a Short-Term Visit Pass, which allows them to stay in Singapore for up to 90 days.
  • Can I get a scholarship in Singapore University? OR Can an international student get scholarship in Singapore?
    Should your application be approved, you may next submit an application for the Singapore Ministry of Education's ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship.

    International students may also be eligible for other university-specific scholarships offered by the universities or external organizations.

    Numerous undergraduate scholarships and awards are available from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in honour of exceptional academic performance, leadership abilities, and unique talents.
  • Can I apply without IELTS for a student visa in Singapore?
    There is a procedure to enroll in Singaporean universities without taking the IELTS exam, so the answer is yes. Students who have successfully completed 13 years of formal education in their country are eligible to apply for this program after completing a foundation course called the "University Foundation Course."

    Singapore's universities do not strictly require IELTS scores for international students. For those without IELTS scores, many schools offer foundational and preparatory programs
  • Can I bring my Family to Singapore while studying?
    The spouse and children of full-time graduate research students can get sponsorship from the university for a Social Visit Pass to stay in Singapore. The graduate students should get their spouses and children to apply for an entry visa at Singapore's embassy. When the spouse and children arrive in Singapore, they will be given a 4-week Social Visit Pass at the airport.
  • Is PTE or another English test acceptable in Singapore country?
    In lieu of IELTS and TOEFL language proficiency exams, an applicant can also give PTE Academic exam. A computer-based exam with a passing score of 68 is necessary for admission to study at a foreign university. The following 10 universities in Singapore accept PTE: Singapore National University.
  • How much is the living expenses required in Singapore?
    An international student in Singapore needs on an average expense of SGD 750 to 2,000 a month on living expenses. This amount will vary depending on lifestyle and course of study.
  • What kind of accommodations are available in Singapore?
    Generally every Institutions has their in house accommodation facilities such as Hostels in Campuses but for an international student very few are open thus international student need to accommodate in private apartments which can be avail through property agents.
  • What are the Requirements to Study in Singapore?
    • Proof of acceptance for admission from the institution.
    • A valid passport.
    • Completed student application form.
    • The receipt of the visa fee.
    • Proof of funds.
    • At least two passport size photos.
    • Statement of Purpose.
    • Academic certificates.
    • Health insurance (if required)
    • Proof of English proficiency
    • Student's bio-data
    • Employment history (if applicable)
  • How can I get admission in Singapore University?
    The common steps to applying for admission are:
    • 1. Search for colleges and courses.
    • 2. Contact schools and visit websites for information.
    • 3. Narrow down your list of schools.
    • 4. Take the entrance exams like TOEFL, IELTS. (GMAT/ GRE is not required)
    • 5. Write SOPs and ask for LORs.
    • 6. Apply to colleges which fit your interests.
  • How much student can earn in Singapore while studying? OR How much can an international student earn in Singapore?
    Students may earn from $1000 to $2500 a month. There is a list of jobs and wages offered in Singapore to International Students.
  • What are the benefits of studying in Singapore?
    Pros of Studying in Singapore
    • English is the Medium of Instruction. ...
    • Less Expensive University Fees Compared to US and UK. ...
    • High-Quality Education.
    • Multicultural.
    • Safe and Comfortable Environment.
    • A Wide Range of Business Programmes.
    • Understanding Singlish.
    • Maintaining a Budget.