A Complete Guide to Spain Student Visa for Study in Spain - Scholarships 2023-24

Located in Western Europe, covers most of the Iberian Peninsula, and has two archipelagos (the Balearic Islands and the Canary islands) and two autonomous cities in North Africa - Ceuta and Melilla. Spain is divided into 17 autonomous regions and 2 autonomous cities.

The form of Government is a Parliamentary monarchy. Is a country member of the European Union and a non-confessional state, where Catholicism is the main religion.

Spain is the 13th largest economy in the world, 5th largest in the European Union and 2nd largest investor in Latin America, after the USA. Similarly, Spain ranks 10th world's scientific power in 2013 and main research areas where Spain has a large science base are health, ICT, Environment, Food and Agriculture, Energy, Material Sciences and Social Sciences.

Spanish companies are internationally recognized for their leadership in clean technologies, health and biotechnology, engineering infrastructure, ICT, manufacturing technologies, financial services and tourism, amongst others.

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