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Overview architecture

Architecture is a combination of series and commodity devising, intriguing and assembling. Architectural, is entirely in the framework of buildings, are often anticipated as civilizing image and as works of art. The ancient culture is often described with their vestigial architectural acquisition.

“Architecture” can also be defined as under:
• A common word to characterize buildings and materialistic frameworks.
• The art and science of crafting and constructing buildings materialistic frameworks.
• The appearance and approach of drafting and creation of buildings materialistic frameworks.
• The usual procedure of an architect, where architecture means donating or interpretation of professional aid in association with the drafting and creation of buildings, or shaping the surroundings.
• The blueprints movement of the architect, from the macro-level (urban design, landscape architecture) to the    micro level (construction details and furniture).
• The caption “Architecture” has been approved to depict the action of plotting one form of classification and is    regularly used in characterizing Information Technology.

In association to buildings, architecture has to look after the devising, intriguing and assembling, capacity and surroundings that emulate operative, mechanical, communal, environmental, artistic deliberation. This needs imaginative handling and arrangement of substantial, technical knowledge, aglow and dusk. Architecture also encircle logical manner of actualizing of buildings configuration inclusive of planning of time, amount evaluation and building authority. As the authorization composed by the Architects, mainly drawings, plans and mechanical stipulation, architecture describes the construction and/or act of a building or any other form of system that is to be or has been composed.

Study Option

  • Architecture
  • Building Technology
  • Interiors Kitchen Design
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Interior Architecture
  • Landscape Design

Career Options

  • Architectural Technician
  • Architecture Professor
  • Architectural Theoretician
  • Architecture Critic
  • Architectural Conservator
  • Architecture Photographer
  • Architectural Engineer
  • Building Control Officer
  • Architectural Technologist
  • Building inspector

Leading Institutions

  • Southern California Institute of Architecture, SCI-Arc (Los Angeles, California, USA)
  • Architectural Association, AA(London, England)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT(Massachusetts, USA)
  • The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Technical University Delft(Delft, the Netherlands)
  • ETH Zurich, DARCH (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, IaaC(Barcelona, Spain)
  • The Glasgow School of Art(Glasgow, Scotland)
  • American University of Sharjah